454 Saras House Funnies by Inbarasu Govindaraj

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Sara House Funnies is an interesting fancy and fun game of point and click type, developed by well-known ENA games especially for the girls. This game is all about a girl named Sara who wishes to do some cute playful tasks in the absence of her mom. As a player, you need to help her perform those tasks successfully. The game has three levels and three lives are given for the player to finish the entire game. If the player loses all three lives at any levels of the game, then the player needs to restart the game from the first level. In the first level (study-hour), Sara pretends to study, in the second level (dinnertime), she pretends to eat and in the third level (sleeping-time), she pretends to sleep, when her mom goes nearby her. If not, you need to help Sara to accomplish those tasks allotted for the respective levels before the time expires. If her mom comes during the time of task performing, you will lose one life. So, help Sara to do those funny tasks without fail. Enjoy and get excited by playing Sara house funnies.

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