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Stuck with password security?
Better Secure Password is not just another random password generator but its designed to solve peculiar problems which comes after saving passwords or user finds in day to day operations
Better Secure Password converts your simple password into a complex and secured version. Our generated passwords are compatible with all web and phone based applications. You can easily copy the password to the clipboard, we don't save any passwords on our servers also it works offline too!
Some Key Points:
- User puts its generic password/string and select options to make it more secure, which helps him to remember most of it.
- What if I save my passwords but it can been stolen or hacked or I don't want synch my passwords either for privacy reasons, so the solution is to scramble the original password quickly and save it.
- App has ability to store passwords with account names to remember.
- App can save passwords as user wants, without scrambling.
Happy Securing!

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Ages 4+

Version 2.0

Productivity, Utilities

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