BlastRPG by Shay Levy

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   Age Rating: 4+

   Current version: 1.0

   Categories: Games, Arcade

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BlastRPG is a space shooter game with RPG elements. Choose you ship from different classes, level it up and choose it's pods. Fire the coming enemies and pass wave after wave and stage after stage. Experience with different pods to perfect your game play.
Each ship has 4 pre-defined pods. You can level up 1 pod each time the ship levels up. The super pod is available only at level 6. Some pods provide permanent enhancements, while other pods provide enhancements only when activated.
To level up a pod and to active a pod you need the ship to stand on the pod-icon for a pre-defined amount of time.
Choose your pods levelling wisely.
Ship Properties:
Each ship as the following properties that are upgraded when the ship levels up:
Damage (Dmg)
Attack Speed (AS): the ship fires automatically, this determines how fast. A value of 0.8 AS means 1/0.8 bullets per second.
Critical Multiplier (CM): once in a while the ship fires a special bullet that has more damage
Critical Chance (CC): determine how often the ship will fire a critical bullet
Velocity (V): determines how fast the bullet will travel
Health (H): The ships max health
Health Regen (HR): how fast the health regenerate
Experience (Exp): gained when killing enemies and when completing a wave/stage (clearing a wave/stage gives bonus experience). Once you fill the experience bar the ship will level up.
Popups and gold:
From time to time, when killing an enemy, a popup will appear that will give 1 property a temporary boost.
Similar to regular popups, gold purchases can also pop from killing an enemy. The differences between this popup and the above are: 1) they cost gold that you must have 2) they provide permanent boost.
Much more to come, please send feedback through the support page.

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