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Step on a crack, break your mother’s back.
Every child knows this game. Any adult too, because she/he played it as a kid.
So... don't step on on the crack and save your mother's back! May be that's better idea...
Walk fast as you can on the sidewalk, but do not step on the line between the flagstones.
The lines are bad and everyone knows it!
Now you can walk down the sidewalk without leaving home. Test your reflex and accuracy.
The faster you go - the more points you earn.
Extra bonuses also give you extra points, but beware - if you hit the line, you will get any points!
There are also obstacles that you should avoid - be careful!
There are three game modes:
In this mode, each step on the line is a serious mistake, and the fourth mistake ends the game! With every crackstep you are closer to loss, so try to avoid it. Less cracksteps means more points (in all game modes), but in classic mode it means more chances to score. In this mode the counter ticks your mistakes.
There is no mistakes limit, but you have to walk faster and faster through next levels. If you wait too long to set foot before pavement will flee from under your feet - you lose! Indicator shows actual level and higher level means higher speed.
Time Trial
You have thirty seconds to achieve best score. You can go as you want, but each line stepped means less points - and time is running! The counter ticks seconds left, but if you find clock - you have 7 seconds extra, every time!
As you can see - Classic mode is a precision test, while Arcade and Time Trial modes are for speed test of your fingers.

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