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Founderfox makes pitching easy and fun. Anyone can watch pitches, create pitches anytime, anywhere.
Founders have been painfully pitching their product with text to users, VCs and the media, it's time we gave them a better medium to express their ideas, personalities and creativity. Founderfox, empowers any startup founder to pitch their product to the world in under 2 minutes.
- Easily edit or delete your pitch even after submitting it
- Browse the feed of auto playing video pitches without signing up
- Share pitches quickly to Twitter (or other places)
- Bookmark pitches so you can keep track and watch them again
- Contact any startup in a split second, no signup required
- Pitch your startup with a 2 minute video created on your device
- You can also upload your video pitches via Dropbox
We support iPhone 4 and higher and IOS7+ recommended iPhone5 and IOS8 for best experience.
Please tell us what you would like for the next release, we’ll stay active with updates to cater to your startup. Please contact [email protected] for feedback or bugs, we also don’t mind if you reach out to us on Twitter @founderfoxapp

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