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The Habits Program is a proven online lifestyle coaching program based on a landmark clinical study called the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) in the US and has been designed for India in partnership with Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre.
Track Diet & Activity
In order to help you, we have created an easy to use web and mobile platform that help seamlessly integrate diet & activity tracking into your life. What once was a laborious task can be an inspiration to create lifestyle changes. With tracking, watch as you improve your food intake and exercise routine.
You can track the following parameters using Habits.
Daily activity (using built-in pedometer)
Dietary Intake
Insulin Units
Blood Pressure
Learn How to Achieve a Healthier Lifestyle Balance
Our weekly interactive video lessons will help you learn exciting and proven strategies to eat healthier, become more active and manage day-to-day situations that come in the way of improving lifestyle. You will be guided by our expert coaches who as certified diabetes educators have helped thousands of participants just like you!
Note: Free version comes with content for 1 week. Interested users can upgrade from within the app itself to unlock full features.
The Habits app has a Coach feature which gives you timely suggestions when you are using the app. The coach will keep you on the track when you are going through the program. You can also ask questions to your Coach using the app.
Note: Question asking feature is only available when you upgrade the app.
Get access to beautiful and informative reports about the information that you are tracking. These reports can also be shown to your personal physician so that he/she can get better data about your health.
Note: Free version of the app allows you to see report data only for the last 7 days of usage. To enable full Report functionality, upgrade the Habits app.
How to upgrade the Habits app?
Go to Lessons tab and tap Upgrade. You will need to tap on ‘Request Activation Code’ and fill a form. We will get back to you within 48 hours.
The program is recommended for people with:
-Type II Diabetes
-High Cholesterol
Designed by Jana Care, a company spun out of original public health research at Harvard and MIT. We are dedicated to reversing the growing epidemic of Diabetes across India and the globe.
If you are facing any issues or have feedback, please email us on [email protected]

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New in v 1.6.14
Introduces a daily coaching curriculum and interactive quizzes that provide a structured way for you to achieve your goals.

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