Listee – A procrastinator’s to do list app for task and time management based on the Pomodoro Technique™ by Sibin Baby

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Listee is a pomodoro based to do list app. It is a powerful tool that helps you boost your productivity by avoiding burnout and improving time management using the Pomodoro Technique™. Using this application, you can manage your time better by creating tasks with breaks and tracking your progress along a custom period.
Listee has all user defined tasks in one place. You can organizes these tasks such that you can work on a single task with breaks at predetermined intervals. Thereby, achieving greater focus.
Key features of Listee:
• Efficient task manager
• Ability to track progress periodically
• Notifications even when app runs in background
• Multiple customisable tasks
• Progress monitor
• Editable task session duration
• Editable long break duration
• Editable short break duration
• User defined task sessions
• Start/Pause/Skip functionality
• Customizable skins
• Custom sounds
• Auto-screen lock prevention
• Task completion statics – intended vs actual
How to use Listee? You can use these basic steps to implement the Pomodoro technique for effectively managing your activity on Listee:
1) Decide on the task to be done. For example, a student’s homework that might take 2 hours.
2) Set the Pomodoro (each task session). - The student can set four Pomodoro (task sessions each of 30 minutes duration without interruptions)
3) Work on a single task session until Listee notifies to take a break – After a session of 30 minutes, the student will get a notification on Listee implying the end of the first task session
4 Short break (3-5 minutes) – For the break, the student can have a break for a pre-determined time (e.g. 5 minutes)
5) Resume work – After the short break, the student can resume his study session and this process is repeated till the entire task (the student’s homework) is completed
6) Longer break (15–30 minutes) – The student can take a longer break after every 3 task session (this is customisable)
Pomodoro™ and The Pomodoro Technique™ are trademarks of Francesco Cirillo. This application is not affiliated or associated with or endorsed by Pomodoro™, The Pomodoro Technique™ or Francesco Cirillo.

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