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Lviv, also known as Lwow, Lemberg or Leopolis, is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with unique combination of Western and Eastern cultures. Lviv is the cultural capital of Ukraine and offers lots to see, do and experience for visitors of all ages. Ready to discover Lviv? Then this app is for you.
Key reasons you’d love Lviv Guide app:
Works offline
There is no need for a live data connection while using this app, as everything is stored on your phone, after you do an initial update. This means you won’t be charged for expensive data roaming. You can update event calendar periodically when you are on Wi-Fi.
Attractions, Hotels, Restaurants, Events
We’ve put everything that’s great about Lviv in one place, with information on nearby attractions, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, museums, ATM, pharmacies, Gas stations. Whether you’re out and about or planning from home, it’s simple to organize your days and nights out in Lviv and invite your friends.
* A detailed sights section with all the monuments and worth seeing places of Lviv
* Eating out section with Lviv’s restaurants
* Discover the nightlife in nightclubs of Lviv
* Information about Lviv events: concerts, performances, exhibitions, festivals
* An offline map of Lviv
* Transport information
* Useful tips
Downloading and updating this app is completely free of charge!
Where do you go in Lviv? Which cinema, which bar, which café, which hotel? With the Lviv Guide app you will soon have an answer. We look forward to your feedback and reviews.

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