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NearU - A smart partner for your day out.
Who says best assistance comes with a cost. NearU promises the best assistance on deals & offers FREE of cost. Right from Discovery to Deals, NearU tells you ALL that’s Near You.
Spread across 1000+ brands with 11 wide categories like- Apparels, Accessories, Bags, Watches, Food & Beverage, Entertainment, Health & Wellness, Hotels, Automobiles, Home Décor & more; NearU doesn’t want you to miss any of the best deals around you.
Unleash the power of Deals & Discounts with the free NearU iOS App.
Among thousands of Deals, the easy to understand User Interface allows you to reach the perfect deal you have been waiting and wishing for. You don’t have to find the deals/offers, they will find you.
Don’t hold back.

NearU is going to take care about bringing the best information of your interest on your iOS devices.
With the iOS NearU app, you can:
Discover Offline by category, location, featured and popularity
Find in-store retail coupons, discounts, deals & offers near you
Set your radius for Deals/Offers near you.
Get detailed store information (inclusive of address, contact, offer details, etc.)
Save Deals to your profile for future use.
Add stores/restaurants/brands to Favorites.
Tell your friends about an incredible Deal/Offer via SMS or Email and other Social Networks.
Spa and Salons/Health: Discover the spas and salons in your locality with our App. Enjoy the best deals/offers at premium salons and Spas. Relax, lay back and rejuvenate with the spa deals.
Restaurants/Cafes/Pubs: We let you pick among the best deals on Food and Beverages. Find good places nearer to you with categorization into Fine Dine, Fast Food, Pubs, and Hotels. Find restaurant deals not only in metros but also in small towns throughout India.
Clothing/Fashion: For best in class fashion brands let NearU suggest all the available brands nearby and also bring the best deals to your notice. So now you not only get to shop for best brands and designs, but drive savings too.
Apart from these categories there are many more which will never let you worry about missing a deal worth grabbing.
Just be out and rely on NearU for the best Information, where you need it and the way you expect it.
No deals/offers for your city yet? Don’t worry! We are coming Near You, on your iOS device!

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Ages 4+

Version 1.3


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