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The official Pavlok Remote for use with the PAVLOK habit change wristband.
CONNECT WIRELESSLY: Pair and unpair your PAVLOK with your iPhone.
REMOTE OPTIONS: Shock, Vibrate, Beep
ADJUST SETTINGS: Adjust shock (strength) from 0-100, adjust vibration from 0-100, adjust beep from 0-100.
PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Receive notifications though ZeroPush to reinforcement breaking breaking habit with principles of aversion therapy.
ACCESS INFORMATION: Learn more about PAVLOK and read the medical disclaimer.
ABOUT THE PAVLOK DEVICE: PAVLOK is a wearable device that helps people break bad habits and hold themselves accountable for their own success. PAVLOK uses cutting edge technology, but the science behind it has been proven through 80+ years of research. PAVLOK is based on the principles of aversion therapy, which helps users break bad habits using haptic feedback such as electric shock, vibration and beep.
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Ages 12+

Version 1.0

Health & Fitness, Productivity

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