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Browse the web securely with ease of mind! History, cookies and cache are wiped automatically! Secret Browser has a FAST, simple, familiar interface that gets out of your way when you want it to allowing for (optional) FULL SCREEN browsing. Secret Browser does one simple thing and does it very well. Browse the web privately.
- Did I mention it's FREE?!
Use your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to browse the web without worrying about your history or cookies leaving a trail that can be traced from anyone else who might pick up your device.
- Clean and familiar interface is there when you need it but knows the get out of the way when you don't. Completely updated to work on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screens.
- Uses Apple's brand new WebKit framework giving you the same rendering and javascript engines that Safari uses so you know it's fast!
- Tabbed Browsing. By popular demand, Secret Browser now supports tabs!
- Home Reset. By default, any time Secret Browser gets sent to the background the browser is cleaned and reset automatically.
- Lock Reset. Optionally, you can set Secret Browser to wipe everything and start over any time your device is locked.
- Rotation Lock. Setup the orientation lock and keep your device in portrait or landscape modes, only.
- Hide the Status Bar on your smaller iPhones and iPod Touch devices to save those precious pixels and browse in FULL SCREEN!
- Custom User-Agent. Optionally select one of many pre-made User-Agent strings or use a custom string. Trick (most) websites into thinking you're using a different web browser or device! (Pro Mode purchase required)
- Custom Start Page. Optionally setup a custom startup page for every time Secret Browser loads up. (Pro Mode purchase required)
- Printing Support. Print pages right from Secret Browser to any printer that supports printing from your iOS device. (Pro Mode purchase required)
- Easy to customize! Plenty of options available and all stored away in your devices to keep Secret Browser's interface clutter-free and easy to use.
If you're enjoying Secret Browser, please take a second when you have time to leave a review. Reviews get reset after each new version so new reviews always help.

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AppLandr mobile app landing page screenshot
AppLandr mobile app landing page screenshot
AppLandr mobile app landing page screenshot
AppLandr mobile app landing page screenshot

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