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Ever wonder why the NIHSS looks so simple when neurologists or stroke nurse coordinators perform the assessment? What’s "double simultaneous stimulation"? What’s “stupor” mean? When did I test for “extinction” & how is “anosagnosia” pronounced? But mostly, how is an entire exam completed in under 10 minutes?
personalRN’s NIH StrokeApp Calculator has now made the NIHSS easy to use for any doctor or nurse from the ER to the floor, whether attending, resident, medical or nursing student! Our StrokeApp Calculator is the only automated NIHSS that streamlines clinical assessment without losing accuracy. This added efficiency becomes advantageous in a busy ER or ICU since acute stroke patients can be non-cooperative during NIHSS assessment, wasting precious clinical time and leaving patients, their loved ones & practitioners frustrated. Neurologists & stroke nurse coordinators have training and experience that allows their intuitive adjustment of the NIHSS to fit the patient's immediate clinical state and cognitive limitations. The StrokeApp Calculator's development reflects many consultation hours with stroke neurologists that are considered thought leaders in the specialty. Our calculator is designed to act as a mobile stroke neurologist on your iPad, providing insight to skip and automatically assign scores to questions with dependencies, and provide real-time adjustments based on the patient's:
- mental status
- comprehension
- visual impairment
- ability to speak, respond and interact, all of which may be affected by

- aphasia
- respiratory status requiring intubation for mechanical ventilation
All adjustments to the exam are in agreement with the rules and regulations set in place by the original NIHSS without alterations or omissions of the original 15 questions. Lastly, the StrokeApp Calculator is the only mobile application for the NIHSS supported by clinical studies at a Comprehensive Stroke Center to evaluate whether simple instructions & easy-to-understand multimedia educational content of the calculator will allow for higher accuracy obtained in less time.
We believe that healthcare should be user-friendly for everyone, whether patient, caregiver or provider. Since 1983, the NIHSS has proven to be an exceptional clinical assessment tool for the assessment of stroke by doctors & nurses. personalRN’s NIH StrokeApp Calculator preserves the standardization of the NIHSS, which has allowed for its reliability, reproducibility and validity over three decades. The NIHSS has now become accessible to any healthcare provider at any stage of their training, from the first responders like paramedics or firefighters, or rehabilitation specialists like PT, OT & speech therapists.
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