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StudentDesk is a Book exchange platform which creates an online decentralized library of used books by connecting book readers of city/institutes. Thus, it becomes easier for every individual to buy, sell, exchange or rent textbooks, novels, magazine or any other study material, within school/college or a city.
Why would you love to be a part of StudentDesk?
- Connect with Like-minded readers:
StudentDesk is a unique platform that brings together book connoisseurs and makes books more accessible and economical.
Now it would be easy for you all to find readers who are willing to exchange their books or magazine, for a limited time, in an institution or city.
- Save Money:

We all love to read books but it is tough to pay for every book we want to read. So now you don’t have to subscribe or buy everything you want to read, all you have to do is connect with a community of like-minded readers at StudentDesk and read books for free by exchanging it for a period of time.
-No need to pay any Commission:
Do you want to sell your books which you will no longer use after completion of your semester? List your books on StudentDesk and sell your book within your College/School which will save your time and money.
StudentDesk is an online book exchange portal which is completely free and does not ask for the commission.
Easy interface to fill up Book Details within 20 seconds. StudentDesk’s virtual library is having information of more than 1lac books which will help you to automatically fill all the necessary books details quickly.
Step1: Scan Barcode of your Book.
Step 2: By using ISBN number rest of book details such as Book name, Author, Book Description and Book Image will be fetched automatically and for one time you need to fill up your contact details so that other readers can easily reach you.
- Environment-Friendly:
Re-use, exchange, and circulation of books with not only make accessing book economical but will also help in building a sustainable environment.
If you are unhappy, tell us we will work harder. If you are happy, spread your joy among other readers. We would love to have your feedback. Write us at [email protected]
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