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Stylist is Britain’s biggest weekly magazine for smart women – and it’s 100% free. Subscribe now to read thoughtful journalism by our award-winning team, shop the fashion and beauty stories, catch up on the latest news from the worlds of food, travel, literature and entertainment and get the latest news – all presented in a completely free fully optimised digital package delivered straight to your iPad or iPhone before the print issue hits the streets.
1. What is the Stylist iPad edition?
Exactly the same award-winning content as the printed magazine, enhanced and built specifically for reading on mobile and tablet devices
2. How can I download the Stylist iPad edition?
You can download the Stylist iPad edition through the app store
3. Is Stylist available for iPhone?
Yes, the same content is available for iPhone
4. Is Stylist really free?
Yes, each weekly edition of Stylist magazine is completely free to download
5. Can I subscribe to Stylist?
Yes, if you do, each new issue will automatically download whenever you are connected to WiFi. You can do this in your settings menu and within the editions.
6. Do my old issues expire?
You can control the number of back issues you keep on your device in the settings menu
7. Can I access old issues of Stylist?
It is possible to browse for, and download, any issue of Stylist previously published through the app
8. Can I access the app outside of the UK?
9. I am having trouble downloading my weekly edition of Stylist magazine, what should I do?
Ensure you are connected to WiFi and that you have a strong signal. It may take longer to download if you are connected to the internet via 3G or 4G. If your WiFi signal has been interrupted, you may need to go back into the Stylist app and tap the ‘download’ button again
If you experience any issues using this app, or have any questions, please contact the Stylist team at: [email protected]

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