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TrackIDoN, is a School/college communication mobility Portal provide easier and effective communication between school admin, Teachers and Parents about everyday activities happening inside the school campus. Parent shall access their ward information at their mobile effectively and quickly once it created. Parent shall get alert as SMS, Push notification and email for any information posted at TrackIDoN portal.
Communication Portal :
Attendance: Digitized Attendance System for Management to record and view student attendance, and generate daily, weekly or monthly reports. Automatic absentees notification will be sent to parents at morning.
Assignment: Staff is provided with mobile and web application to create assignment and they can post their assignment, homework, projects or classwork from anywhere anytime, along with the detail of the subject, due date, also they can attach the supportive documents (can be image, docs, or pdf). Parent will receive notification as SMS, Push notification & Email, whenever an new assignment is created by the staff for their ward.
Time table : Parents can view the timetable of their wards either through mobile or web, once updated by the school admin or teachers.

Exams: Exam Schedules will be listed in web and Mobile accordingly such as Mid-Term, Quarterly, Half-yearly and Annual. Once evaluated, the results can be published. Notification will be sent to parents for every update.
Events: School admin or management or teachers can create and send those event details to parents. Once updated the parents can view it.
Notification: Any emergency or normal information or updates can be effectively notified to parents. Teachers are provided with the option to create a notification to entire school, or specific student, or specific class & sec, or group of students.
Holidays: List of Scheduled School and Public Holidays in a Year can be viewed at mobile apps by the parents. School admin have the access to create the holidays.
Fees Management: Parents are provided with the option to know their fee balance, due date and also they are provided with the option to pay online from their mobile or web application. Admin is provided with the application to manage the fee collection and they can generate the reports like fee collected, pending etc.
Bus Tracking System:
The Bus Tracking offers a comprehensive solution for tracking the bus during the scheduled pick-up / drop-off trip, to ensure the safety of students in the School bus and in School, and send notifications at constant intervals to Parents and Management.
Fleet Management is a service which allows school management to remove or minimize the risks associated with bus trip allocation, drivers allocation, manual assigning of trips, vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs. It provides the platform to manage and track multiple vehicles from one point.
Live Tracking: Live Track the bus(es) throughout the scheduled route
Proximity Alert: Alerts via SMS/App, when the bus is 1km away from Pick up/Drop off Points
Geo-Fencing Alert: Notification to the parents when bus enters and leaves the School before and after the pickup/dropoff.
Pick up & Drop off alert: Notifies Parents when the student board & de-board the bus
School Zone Alert:
The Parents of the student who uses own transportation other than school bus will receive alert, whenever the student enters and leaves the school campus using RFID / GPS ID card Technology.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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