Wishbox by Excellis Consulting Corporation

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   Age Rating: 4+

   Current version: 1.3

   Categories: Lifestyle, Productivity

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Welcome to the REBIRTH of gifting! Social, shopping, and gift giving all in one place. Wishbox allows you to seamlessly create and share wish lists with your friends and family. You and your friends & family will NEVER have to guess what your loved ones want anymore!!
Key features:
• Add an item quickly: You capture whatever you desire and put it in your Wishbox. It's that simple. Now your friends know what gift you would like to receive.
• Organize your Wishbox: Your birthday, Christmas, or anniversary products can be organized any way you wish.
• Explore your friend’s Wishbox: See what your friends are adding to Wishbox. Share your wishes with them and they can share them with you.
• Access all the time: Your Wishbox is accessible from everywhere and at any time

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