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Words U was featured on NBC's Today Show, Elite Daily, MTV, TheNextWeb, CNET, and a host of TV, radio and media.
Learning new vocabulary can be stressful and challenging, but it doesn't have to be. Words U puts college-level vocabulary words in your hands, and lets you discover them as you message your friends.
Working smarter is better than working harder. No longer are words learned with esoteric definitions that are irrelevant to you. With Words U, your casual conversations become learning opportunities, as SAT-level words are seamlessly swapped into your messages. Words U is also much smarter than an electronic thesaurus - it ensures that the advanced words you see are used in the correct, idiomatic manner, inside your original text messages.
With over 800 vital SAT words up for grabs, along with the honorable “words crown”, dash into the app and experience a new direction for vocabulary learning - one centered around you.

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