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With myZyp, you can create a short, simple and unique tag for any address or location – whether it is a common four-line address or a ‘GPS unfriendly’ location that requires lengthy directions and latitude/longitude information. myZyp tags begin with an "&", and can be made up of any combination of letters and/or numbers.
Once your tag is created, just share it with family and friends – they now have a quick and easy way to find your tagged location. All they have to do is enter the tag into the myZyp app or website. myZyp will automatically retrieve all address related information, including any special instructions, and prompt their default GPS-mapping app, such as Google Maps, to provide precise directions to their destination.
Best of all, the myzyp tag is yours for life! If you move or relocate, you can update the address and location information. No more searching for the correct address. No more explaining how to get to your home (or campsite in the woods). No more getting lost!
It’s as simple as that. Download your free myZyp app now!

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Ages 4+

Version 1.02

Navigation, Travel

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